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Design Process

Design Process

Rendering passion into place, to create your paradise!

We believe in the power of communication and collaboration, that’s why all of our projects follow a meticulous design process.

Client & Designer Introductions

All of our projects begin with introductions! We will communicate and involve you in the decision making process from start to finish - ensuring your personal taste is reflected in the finished product.

Project Scope Development

During these first discussions, we will get to know you and your expectations for the project. Discoveries will be made that determine the purpose of the building and its usage for best function, as well as the best positions for structures based on site/lot conditions. By asking all of the right questions we will discover details big and small that will be used to develop a final project scope.

Presentation Plans

Once a detailed project scope has been developed and approved by all parties, our team will begin working on the initial designs. This design will be reworked until it meets your needs and desires.

Floor Plans | Wall and room layouts with proposed furniture placement.

Building Elevations | Full coloured elevations with wall and building heights.

3D Renderings | 3D rendering of exterior and interior details.

Building Plans

Once our design plans have been finalized, we begin the process of bringing them to life! We will develop a site plan, locating all structures for a seamless Building Permit Application - as well as full structural plans with all framing members sized accordingly to meet or exceed the Ontario Building Code.


With designs and building plans completed, and all legalities taken care of - we break ground! We are here to help you instruct and manage the build crew when needed, we will work closely with the lead carpenter, checking in at various stages to ensure your project stays on track.

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